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Stratagus RTS Engine Contribution Project

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What happened to the old Age of Freedom?

The Age of Freedom RTS Game Ideas will be spun off into new projects called Achuple Adventures and RealCiv. For more info on when these will get started or general info on them, please email me.

What is happening in this project?

We will contribute new features to and create our own distribution of the Stratagus RTS Engine.

Contributions planned include:

* An Isometric Viewpoint

* Underground areas

* RPG-like quest modes

* First-person modes

* Control of units by arrow keys

* Domesticatable critters

* Easy Dataset Launcher

Also, we are working with people that are making a new Graphical Object Creation System for Stratagus called StrIDEr (Stratagus Integrated Development Environment)
which will allow visualization of tech trees and generation of LUA files from the tech tree data. Their home page is here.

More Contribution Plans:

* Stratagus Documentation Project

* GOaL (Game Object Language) Mapping System port for Stratagus

Games that will probably use the contributions that will be available here include:


Acorn Hunt

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